Grow with Us

We are the beneficiaries of a vast inheritance of wisdom passed on to us by prophets, saints, and sages down through the ages.  At Christ Lutheran Community Church we seek to share this inheritance freely by offering a variety of learning opportunities for for all  ages.

Adult Education

Bible Study programs are offered throughout the year. Studies include an in-depth look at a book in the Bible or topics that relate to our faith. Two new programs this fall.

All Are Welcome!

From protest to praise, from joy to sorrow to anger to thanksgiving, few song collections exceed the Psalms when it comes to speaking honestly about the full range of human experience. 

During this nine-week series, you will become familiar with various kinds of Psalms and learn ways to use them to enrich your prayer life.  We meet at Five Points Coffee House, 47 Long Lane, Upper Darby.

In his Large Catechism, Martin Luther demonstrates that the Ten Commandments are more than a list of dos and don’ts; rather, they give us God’s vision of a just society in which none suffer oppression or want.  Join us Wednesday evenings as we read through Luther’s writings and explore the meaning of the Ten Commandments for us today.  

Confirmation and Youth Programs for Teens

The transition from childhood to adult is one of  the most precarious journeys we take in life.  Our confirmation and youth programs not only provide teens with the essentials of the Christian faith; they help them develop a relationship with Christ that can guide them as they make this journey. 

​ These programs also help youth to build healthy friendships with peers and adult mentors. 

The fall schedule will be posted here soon.

Sunday School

Each Sunday children gather to learn about God’s free and unconditional love. Stories, games, crafts and music help then grown in their faith and gives them the strengths they need to face the challenges of life.

The fall schedule will be posted here soon.